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                Contact Us

                Shenzhen xinlite Precision Cutting Tool Co., Ltd

                Address: 2 / F-A, building F, No.2, North District, shangxue Science Park, Bantian street, Longgang District, Shenzhen


                About Us
                     Shenzhen Xinlite Precision Tools Co., Ltd is a private high-tech enterprise which specialized in precision cutting tools and tooling systems on the research and development, production and sales .Xinlite mainly produces  ND、MCD、CVD、PCD、PCBN superhard cutting tools series.
                     After years of continuous exploration and development,the company has a number of highly qualified R&D personnel, management personnel and sales elite,have a strong R & D, production and sales capacity,not only can provide customers with professional products and services, while providing for specific customer applications customized overall solutions. The basis of the company's success is respecting talent, people-oriented, the source of continued
                 development is respecting customers and integrity first.
                     With the high-quality and reliable products, on-time delivery, honest and comprehensive  pre-sales and after-sales service, professional technical support, Xinlite will grow up and share successes with its partners together.

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